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Thursday, 20 July 2017

84% retail investors prefer equities: Survey

Mumbai: Most retail investors prefer equities over other asset classes to park funds and play in the market only when they have surplus cash, says a survey.

The survey findings indicate that markets watchdog Sebi's investor awareness campaigns have finally begun to bear fruit, and come amidst the recent rally in the markets making Dalal Street the best performing large market this year.

"The key findings point out that investors have become more mature in their investing behaviour and this comes out strongly in their choices," says the survey.

"Also, the booms and crashes of the past have taught them a good lesson or two. The findings also show that thousands of investor education programmes conducted by Sebi are finally showing results," it says.

Nearly 62 percent invest up to 20 percent of their disposable income in equities, again reiterating the overall findings that the equities remain the most favoured asset class for the retail.

This is, however, surprising because globally, including here, there is no consistent data that proves retail investors gained from investing in equities, as their general tendency is to enter the market amidst boom and exit during distress.


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